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    • Address:RM.2602, Unit1 , No.11, Chunhai Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China 116001
    • Tel: +86-411-3990-6716, 17, 19
    • Fax:0086-411-82652569
    • Email:kim@handongfoods.com
    • jadeyoon@handongfoods.com

    About us

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    Handong Foods (China) Co., Ltd was founded in 2006 and located in one beautiful coastal city, Dalian---The Northern Pearl of China.
    The company is engaged in aquatic and agricultural products. We are mainly in charge of products’ promotion, processing, import and export business as well as products’ development and quality control system. And there are several processing bases including Handong Foods (Dalian) Co., Ltd, Fushun Brother Foods Processing Factory , Guangzhe Quick Frozen Foods Processing Factory and several stable joint venture factories as well as cooperative factories to produce and process products for exportation and domestic markets. 
    The company have been processing and exporting various of processed and value-added seafood and some agricultural products to more than 30 countries in the world since establishment which serve for supermarkets and chain-stores in The United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Holland, Spain, UK, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan,Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saipan , Japan , Korea and so on. 
    Since we strictly follow the HACCP regulations, American FDA & EU Certificated regulations from the choice of raw materials to the end process on products including packing and take every care during production, we have been always supplying top quality products to our customers and related consumers, bringing more healthy and environmental foods to human beings. 
    With our effective management of production and years’ experience, we are able to serve OEM service to our clients with super quality at more favorable prices and punctual shipment. We are constantly developing new products to meet different customer’s palate. We are trying our best to bring high expectations for customers. Our target is : “ Safety, Health, Quality and Innovation”.
    We look forward to good cooperation, to seek common development, to create benefits together.
    In customers we trust!!!
    Developing Strategy
    Handong Foods thinks deeply and plan carefully, makes use of nature advantage, combines developing of company and profit of employees tightly, try our best to become the most professional seafood and agriculture supplier for the global markets.
    Company’s Culture
    Innovation is the core of company’s culture. The management developed based on innovation. Paying attention to talents, educating talents and using talents, bring into full play the potential of talents which is the basic of innovation. So, employees could realize individual value. Our Motto is :  100% Natural, 100% Healthy, 100% Top Quality, 100% Good Service. 

    Tel: +86-411-3990-6716, 17, 19
    E-mail: jadeyoon@handongfoods.com; kim@handongfoods.com
    Address:RM.2602, Unit1 , No.11, Chunhai Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China 116001
    Copyright ? Handong Foods (China) Co., Ltd

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