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    City Health Planning Commission to the streets of community round of research

    Time:2017-06-02 09:39:24  Source:  The author:


          On the afternoon of November 25, Xiang Haiqing, director of the Party Committee of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the Hangzhou Health Care Development Center, led the members of the eighth branch research team to investigate the streets of Jinsha Hong Kong. Deputy Director of the Scenic Area Deng Xingshun, Director of the Health Bureau of the Scenic Area, Yang Zheng, Director of the Community Social Welfare Department, Director and Deputy Director of the Street Community Health Service Center and the residents of the Jinsha Port Community, Lingyin Community and Qixia Ridge Community participated in the research.

         By the Municipal Health Commission Committee of the party secretary Qi Ying combined with the Hangzhou Health and Health Committee Huimin convenience work PPT, to the community residents to carry out the "two school one to do" learning and education, the party leader and the role of party members, Hangzhou City health students have achieved fruitful results.

        We listened to the introduction of Qi Ying, community residents have expressed their views on the work of the Municipal Health Planning Commission fully affirmed. However, the City Health Planning Commission to the streets held a "grass-roots listen to the public opinion of the public to solve the people worry" community round of research, is to understand the community in the process of medical treatment of the main problems and difficulties encountered, the contents of the summary , Really listen to public opinion, solve the people worry, and follow up the perfect, so that people have more sense of access to health, health care for next year to lay a solid foundation for work. Subsequently, we focus on contract service, treatment, chronic disease management, service attitude and other aspects of a lot of valuable advice and suggestions.

        Xiang Haiqing thanked the community representatives for their research! And bring their opinions and suggestions back to conduct a careful combing, the formation of research reports, problem-oriented continuous improvement, better planning next year's work to enhance the people's access to health.

    Tel: +86-411-3990-6716, 17, 19
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    Address:RM.2602, Unit1 , No.11, Chunhai Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China 116001
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