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    The street was awarded the title of volunteer service advanced collective

    Time:2017-06-02 09:40:33  Source:  The author:


          December 28, the scenic area to carry out G20 Hangzhou summit volunteer service work in recognition of advanced. West Lake Street and Santaishan community was district (bureau, committee) party committee awarded the "summit volunteer service work advanced collective" title. "Heritage Longjing • college students village tea show volunteer project" was awarded "2016 smile kiosk ten volunteer service project" title. Street summit volunteer work chief liaison Hu Cao, Santaishan community patrol volunteer team captain Zhu Shenghua were rated as provincial outstanding volunteer service workers and provincial outstanding volunteers.

         This year, the West Lake streets around the G20 center, in accordance with the party committee attention to guidance, the department actively involved, grassroots support, volunteer enthusiasm and dedication of the work pattern, relying on "a society and a product" project platform, adhere to organizational strength and spontaneous force " ", Relying on the party, members of the volunteer demonstration, the residents of the broad participation, to build units as a" tripartite force ", highlight the summit volunteer propaganda, volunteer culture, volunteer culture, volunteer tourism, volunteer, volunteer, volunteer environmental protection, volunteer Civilized literacy training to enhance the "eight key", to promote the voluntary work of the summit. The majority of volunteers for the G20 home publicity, grid based data investigation, security patrol, civilized ceremony, public transport station and other major tasks made a positive contribution.

         Through the summit volunteer service, volunteer participation in the function of social management to further play, residents, villagers love West Lake love home to further stimulate the enthusiasm, "dedication, friendship, mutual help, progress" volunteer spirit to further spread and practice. As the secretary of Zhao Yide said: "volunteer service has become an indispensable force in social governance, volunteers have become a show of Hangzhou city civilized image and the public style of the vivid window."

         Honor is not only positive and encouragement, it is spur and test. "After the summit" era, we will continue to seize the opportunity to pull the benchmark, to achieve a good summit volunteer results into, and further integration to build brand, Yong Li forefront, do not forget the beginning, continue to move forward.

         At the meeting, the West Lake Street and San Taishan community also made a summit volunteer work exchange speech.

    Tel: +86-411-3990-6716, 17, 19
    E-mail: jadeyoon@handongfoods.com; kim@handongfoods.com
    Address:RM.2602, Unit1 , No.11, Chunhai Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China 116001
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