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    Research on the registration of agricultural households

    Time:2017-06-02 09:42:10  Source:  The author:


          January 3, 2017, is the third national agricultural census official home registration start the first working day. In the afternoon, Sun Derong, deputy secretary of the exhibition area, and He Tao, deputy director of the Bureau of Statistics, and Miaoqi Tao, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Party, went to Maojiabu Village to investigate the registration of the farmer's home in Maojiabu Village.

          Sun Takrong first visited condolences to the census instructor, censusman, and on behalf of the scenic area and the West Lake Street Agricultural Census Leading Group, expressed their condolences to the hard work of the census workers who had fought in the front line and expressed their gratitude for their efforts. Sun Derong field to see the villagers planted flowers and nursery stock, vegetables and so on. In the home with the census, Sun Derong and farmer cordial conversation, asked about their production and living conditions, asked in detail about the villagers in all aspects of production and the situation of the village-level agricultural census preparation work, and for farmers to seriously explain the third The significance of the national agricultural census. See the village of Mao Jiabu villagers enthusiastically answer questions, with a high degree of Sun Derong fully affirmed the preparatory work for the early stage of Maojiabu.

    Tel: +86-411-3990-6716, 17, 19
    E-mail: jadeyoon@handongfoods.com; kim@handongfoods.com
    Address:RM.2602, Unit1 , No.11, Chunhai Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China 116001
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